Children's stories for Sunday morning worship


Worship with kids should be wholehearted, adventurous and fun! The worship stories on this blog were designed to make preparation for Sunday morning simple, so you can put all of your energy into the actual adventure of leading kid's worship. Each lesson speaks to multiple ages, takes 15-20 minutes to prepare and uses props that can be found around your house.

Keep in mind, these stories are written the way the writer would tell them. Like all good stories, these were meant to evolve as they are told, so don't feel like you have to share exactly what is on the screen. We all have unique perspectives on life that can speak to children. Share yours!

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I was taking a walk the other day and it was windy! My hair was blowing in my face and the flags in the park were wrapped around their poles. I watched some leaves blow by, too quick to catch and then…I saw a butterfly. And I thought to myself - “What do…
My grade school principal had a very distinctive walk. She used to wear low heeled, sturdy pumps that made noise every time she walked down the hall. I can still hear it now, click, click, click, click, click, click-tee, click, clack. If you were doing…
Have any of you ever been zip-lining? Did you like it? A few months ago, I decided to go zip-lining, to face my fear of heights and conquer it…instead, I got a big surprise. Let me tell you about it.